Top SAAS platforms to follow in 2023

Every year there are a few companies that are truly disruptive, either because they change the business model, or they are more integrated, or they are open source, or they are just free.

Every year, there are a few truly disruptive companies, either because they change the business model, or they are more integrated, or they are open source, or they are just free.

These companies tend to get a lot of investment because they are supposed to change the game. I have selected a list of companies that I follow.

This is the list of the Top SAAS Platforms of 2023:

  • Ramp
  • Equals
  • Merge
  • PostHog
  • Column
  • Codat

Update (14-08-2023):

  • Resend
  • Linear


Ramp is trying to change the credit card industry and expand management by creating the most advanced, customizable, and programmable SAAS platform.

Ramp credit card example with custom workflow
  • Control spending with the only card in the market precisely enough to block a single merchant or an entire category.
  • Get receipts in under 30 minutes with an expense process so easy to do, everyone will do it.
  • Harness hyper-accurate AI to process hundreds of invoices in seconds, and pay your vendors via card, ACH, or check.
  • Close your books on time monthly with powerful automation and accurate, reliable data that stands up to any audit.

Visit ramp.com


Equals is the only spreadsheet with built-in connections to any database, versioning, and collaboration.

Equals spreadsheet connected to Snowflake
  • It’s 10x easier to build & automate analyses with native data connections, from cohort reports to funnel reviews to board decks.
  • Don’t waste your time learning another data tool. Equals works just like Excel and Sheets — you already know how to use it.
  • From investors to future employees, they’re going to need to know how analyses came to be. Always be able to show your work.

Visit equals.app


Merge is a single API to add hundreds of integrations to your app.

Merge integrations list
  • Your users authorize integrations via a drop-in component in your app.
  • Build in-app functionality powered by data continuously synced for each integration and connected customer account.
  • Hundreds of integrations and counting.
  • Common Models provide normalized, constantly synced data for each category of integrations.

Visit merge.dev


Posthog has a suite of product and data tools. Built on the modern data stack.

PostHog feature list
  • Product Analytics
  • Sessions Recorder
  • Feature Flags
  • A/B Testing
  • Event Pipeline
  • Data Warehouse
  • Self-Hosting

Visit posthog.com


Column is “The developer infrastructure bank”. The only nationally chartered bank built to enable developers and builders to create new financial products.

Column – Bank API as a service
  • Column
  • Allows you to get to the bare metal. We are a bank made for developers and have built our own core, ledger, and data model to power your unique use case at any scale.
  • The power of nationally chartered banking is the lightest format possible.
  • Leverage Column’s direct connection to the Federal Reserve. Pull and push money to any bank account and create flexible FDIC insured accounts.

Visit column.com


Resend is the best API to reach humans instead of spam folders. Build, test, and deliver transactional emails at scale.

Resend.com Email API
Resend – Email API as a service
  • Proactive blocklist tracking
    • Be the first to know if your domain is added to a DNSBL, such as those offered by Spamhaus with removal requests generated by Resend.
  • Faster Time to Inbox
    • Send emails from the region closest to your users. Reduce delivery latency with North American, South American, and European regions.
  • Build confidence with BIMI.
    • Showcase your logo and company branding with BIMI. Receive guidance to obtain a VMC – the email equivalent of a checkmark on social media.
  • Managed Dedicated IPs
    • Get a fully managed dedicated IP that automatically warms up and auto-scales based on your sending volume, with no waiting period.
  • Dynamic suppression list
    • Prevent repeated sending to recipients who no longer want your email and comply with standards like the CAN-SPAM Act.
  • IP and domain monitoring
    • Monitor your DNS configuration for any errors or regressions. Be notified of any changes that could hinder your deliverability.
  • Verify DNS records
    • Protect your reputation by verifying your identity as a legitimate sender. Secure your email communication using DKIM and SPF.
  • Battle-tested infrastructure
    • Rely on a platform of reputable IP’s used by trustworthy senders with distributed workloads across different IP pools.
  • Prevent spoofing with DMARC.
    • Avoid impersonation by creating DMARC policies and instructing inbox providers on how to treat unauthenticated email.

Visit resend.com


Linear is the new standard for modern software development. Streamline issues, sprints, and product roadmaps.

Linear App Modern Software Development
Linear – modern software development
  • Plan
    • Linear is a tool to remove barriers. Powerful yet simple to use, it helps you to plan ahead, make better decisions and execute faster. You don’t have to come up with best practices for how to use Linear — we already built them directly into the product.
  • Progress
    • Linear is built in pursuit of high-performance. Automatic workflows and powerful Git integrations create focus and routine. Customizable views and filters let you keep track of your work from any angle. Everything is streamlined so that you can progress with full speed, full flexibility and full visibility.
  • Collaborate
    • A new center of gravity for productivity and collaboration. Linear keeps everyone in your organization aligned and working without friction. Engineers, designers, product managers and peers — all collaborating in one tool.
  • Analyze
    • Building truly great products is both art and science. It’s part intuition and part data. To help with the data part, Linear offers a variety of advanced reporting and analytics features.

Visit linear.com

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