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Senior Head of Design - UI, UX, Design System - Elevates design teams

Ignacio Correia - igcorreia

I started my career in 2008 as a graphic designer and team leader, and I’m currently assigned as Lead Product Manager at Airdesk. I have been working for various companies and agencies around the World which gave me a global vision about SAAS, UI, UX, Product, and Marketing.


Product Design

User Interface

User Experience


Market Research

Data Analysis Skills

Product Managment


Team Mentorship

Strategic, proactive thinking

A vision for the future

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Responsible for managing the product throughout the product lifecycle, gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements, defining the product vision, and working closely with senior managers to deliver winning products.​

Performing and arranging successful product demonstrations for customers.

Briefing the press and analysts, press releases, and going on press campaigns.

Market research & developing the core positioning and messaging for the product.

Performing sales, trend, and profitability analysis.

Researching, reviewing & reporting on competitors & rival products.

Articulating the company’s distinctive competence & the product’s uniqueness.

Performing and arranging successful product demonstrations for customers.

Performing and arranging successful product demonstrations for customers.

Million Views


Ignacio has done incredible web dev work for our Marketing team. He produces the work of a full-time employee. His skills, responsiveness, and ability to see the complete picture (and work proactively and strategically) are superb. I’m not sure he sleeps given how much he’s produced for us. 🙂

Hillary Read, VP Marketing

“Ignacio has great suggestions and achieve it all well. Deliver in all vectors, marketing, design, email, and development.”

Tim Combatti at Brkfst.io

“Completely overwhelmed by this service. I can’t wait for my next project. Ignacio has been a pleasure to work with for multiple reasons. He works hard at making our ideas and vision come to life. Bringing his own ideas to the table with a great amount of enthusiasm and iterate on a dime. “

Gabe Wahhab, CEO at MAXG.com